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The World’s 1st Relaxation Brownie

LAZY CAKES ® are delicious little packaged brownies with the RELAXATION BAKED IN!

How can that be, you ask? LAZY CAKES ® are baked with all natural ingredients that help to ease you down, including valerian root, passion flower, melatonin, (the substance your body makes naturally to help you relax) and of course lots of rich chocolate. This is the fastest growing snack category in the country and we’ve got them. Limited supply available and they’re selling like hotcakes.

If holiday stress is getting to you, grab some LAZY CAKES ® and let your problems melt away!

4 Responses to “The World’s 1st Relaxation Brownie”

  1. admin says:

    Be sure to read the Phoenix New Times review if you haven’t yet!

  2. bmac says:

    all it does is make you relaxed? does it make u feel different… like weed or something? lol.

  3. admin says:

    Yes, it will only make you feel mellow, not “high” in any way. Lazycakes are choclolatey, yummy snacks infused with a blend of safe, natural ingredients that help you relax. They are only for adults, as an alternative to other ways of winding down.

  4. Tpatt says:

    It’s just a brownie with melatonin….give me a break :/

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